Interactive Holiday Illumination / akarium Call Project


What everyone in Japan was waiting for...
Holiday illuminations that had become a winter tradition finally returned to Omotesando Avenue after 8 years.
(Omotesando is the fashion & trend center of Tokyo, a Japanese version of Le Champs-Elysees in Paris).
This project was run by the Omotesando-Street Promotion Committee to create a brand-new "lumino-sphere" to fulfill the sky-high expectations of our quicksilver Japanese audience.


This unique event, feasible in a mobile superpower as Japan, is the first of its kind in the world, using cell phones to control the illumination. "akarium Call Project" attempts to renew the interaction between people and lights ("Akari" means light / illumination in Japanese). Participation is quite simple; just call the toll-free akarium call number, speak into the phone, and enjoy the voice-activated lighting show. These voices will control the 60 light stations that illuminate the entire street. An original website has also been set up, allowing participants to control the lightstations via live-feed on the internet. Everyone can enjoy the event, wherever they are.



Great News! akarium Call phone line was over-flooded everyday with people wanting to leave messages. Close to 100,000 people visited our website and participated in the webcam event during the event period of 17 days. Triggered by the news of this akarium Call Project, over 300,000 people joined us on-site in Omotesando. We were able to share this brand-new holiday illumination style with people all over Japan using cutting-edge internet and mobile technology.

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