"Shop branding with a Live image device."
BEYES is a select shop brand online and at the Omotesando Hills.The main customer target is towards 25-35 year old men.After the Omotesando Hills shop opened in the spring of 2006, BEYES set up and operated the LiveEimage device in the store.

"Image as the interior. "
To produce an atmosphere inside of a store that feels the moment. The concept is "Image as the interior." A quiet interior image that invents an original atmosphere of the brand within the environment.

"Special brand experience to limit at Christmas."
Snow Wishes is a special, interactive content prepared at the Christmas period in 2006 for a limited time.A message becomes a snow flake as the message is entered remotely from a computer,from the Website of BEYES.Then flutters down in the inside of a store image display. The image inside of the store was relayed from the net for 24 hours, and was confirmed externally. A message that was transmitted was beautifully displayed in the store in real time. It not only functioned as brand recognition that described the advanced modern age of fashion of the BEYES brand, but also functioned as a huge effect for store Atsmacac at Christmas time.



The message is displayed in the inside of a store image ,live, relayed for 24 hours. It becomes a snow crystal if a message is input, it dances, and it falls.


If it hits a person's entry (the store silhouette) and the site user's mouse, the crystal of the snow composed of the message becomes the grain of the crystal (one character).