Cross-media Promotion of SONY BRAVIA “Live Color” is the concept of SONY BRAVIA.
We aimed for each and every one of the users to further experience the concept of
discovering and enjoying color using the internet.


Sony Building in Tokyo turning into the color you want.
Presenting a new way to communicate messages in the internet era.

This project allows users to “color” Sony building located in Ginza,
the cultural center of Japan, from wherever they are.
Live Cam has been set up displaying the Sony building.
Users can pick-up color from live feeds and TV commercials on screen using
the dropper curser and drop it on the Sony building!
The whole building will turn into the color chosen by the user and this can be enjoyed live via live cam.
Those who tried this were able to experience the Sony BRAVIA “Live Color” excitement.
Many internet users visited the website and experienced the original technology developed for this project:
“Pick-up color from images delivered live” and “Selected color is reflected by the LED lights on the Sony building in real time”.
Connecting the company-owned media (Sony building) to the internet using cutting edge technology,
we introduced a completely new way to experience the BRAVIA “Live Color” message.

Point 1: Media owned by Sony (Sony building) was used.
Point 2: User can freely choose any color from TV commercials or live feeds.
Point 3: Building changes color in real time.

  • Launch Video (Web Site)
  • Launch Video (Solution)

Interactive Building Ad

Advertisement on the Sony building
When the building changes color, the BRAVIA ad changes color with it.


During the campaign, website access sky-rocketed, nearly causing it to be shut down!
Over 100,000 comments were left on WebNews, i.e. Yahoo! News, and Blogs.
It made headlines on TV and newspapers for great publicity