CONCEPT:The Japanese publishing industry was always worried. Bookstore was no longer a place where “people encountered books”. For most people, bookstores have become somewhere they purchase books they found online. It was important for us to create an innovative in-store presentation where people willingly picked up books they have never heard of. MISSION:Encourge Potential readers to pick books up at bookstores using a revolutinary in-store promotion. IDEA:Key item is a ”Analog bookmark”. Key item is ”Analog bookmark”. in Collaboration with Social book review. Comment left on books over the internet each become a bookmark POP which then become a part of the in-store sales promotion tool at the bookstores all over Japan.
Website - PC & SmartPhone
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Launch Website
DISPLAY! New type of display using bookmarks collected on the website. Bookstores
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Bookmark collection on display at bookstores keeps increasing with the increasing number of bookmarks submitted on the website. Bookstores image Potential reders enjoy encounters with new books. Customers pick books up and leaf through the bookmarked page. Bookstores image Costomers pick books up and leaf through the bookmarked page!“Social Bookmark”, creating many happy encounter between books and reading!!
RESULT:The impact of “Social Bookmark” led to an increase of 250% in numbers of people actually picking books up in bookstores. People were sifting through the pages, enjoying the bookmarked pages. This type of presentation was the first of its kind in the publishing industry, stirring up quite a buzz, bringing back the much awaited vigor in bookstores all over Japan. Sharing bookmark. Shareing the excitement of reading. Social Bookmark! Thank you!