We reviewed the concept of rich contents for new car launch.



As a result of consumers' accelerating shift away from automobiles,
the majority have become little interested in purchasing cars.
Amid the lingering economic recession, an increasing number of consumers are turning away from cars every year.
Today, many consumers, who used to consider buying new cars, have become little interested in automobiles.
What are the rich contents a car manufacturer can offer?
Auto makers continue to offer rich contents for the launch of new cars.
For example, they have spent a huge budget on luxurious, full-length movies, extensive full CG websites, catalogs
supported by HTML5 and simulation contents based on the cutting-edge digital technologies.
Despite such efforts, however, the analyses of online traffic and loss of unique users indicate that such contents no
longer appeal to the majority of consumers who have little contact with automobiles, except for those few people who
consider purchasing new cars.
Plunge in the length of time spent on the brand site.
The Internet is flooded with an enormous amount of information and news every day.
Furthermore, an increasing number of consumers obtain information mainly from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other
social media services. Along with the change, the number of consumers who spend long time on one brand site is decreasing sharply.


  1. A presentation that a majority of consumers, who have little interest in automobiles,
    feel like watching.
  2. An entertaining presentation accessible to those with low Internet literacy.
  3. A presentation that will help consumers understand automobile features instinctively
    within a short time without depending on a layered structure.

NEW RICH CONTENTS Nissan Note Scrollbook 'Just-a-single-scroll rich contents!'


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What is the new Nissan note?

It's Nissan's compact car fully remodeled in October, 2012.
It delivers the highest mileage as a gasoline car and a roomy interior space
unusual for a compact car.
It's Nissan's ultimate compact car that allows you to drive as long as you
like regardless of your generation or change in your family structure.
It's a product that supports you to have a long life.


We received 300 shares within 24 hours from the launch and 1,000 shares within a week.
Surprisingly, we received over 10,000 shares just within 4 weeks.
This momentum was accelerated to go beyond Japan to the world including America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
As a result, we have received more than 15,000 shares as of today, which is the largest-ever shares in Nissan's all global web contents.

Shared 300 over! within 24H

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